Jack Luke, Deputy Editor of BikeRadar.com

Hello! My name is Jack Luke. I am the Deputy Editor of BikeRadar.com – one of the world's largest cycling websites.

I like being outside, taking photos and – most of all – riding bikes.

I’m an obsessive life-long cyclist and have a near-encyclopedic knowledge of even the most esoteric of bike tech. I have worked for BikeRadar since 2016 and specialize in technical, review, and feature writing about all things two wheels.

I also write scripts and present videos about the daft adventures I get up to for the BikeRadar YouTube channel. I am also a regular contributor to the BikeRadar Podcast.

I studied photography at the Edinburgh College of Art and graduated in 2014. I went on to become a Technician for the department, and also taught night classes. During my final year, I completed my project, The Bings

I am enthusiastic, friendly, and approachable. I would love to talk to you about cycling, climbing, camping, or riding my tandem.

I live in Bristol with my partner, Laura. You can keep up with everything I get up to on:

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